Daniel Azuma
02 Feb 2021

Should I use instance_eval or class_eval?

This article explores the difference between Ruby's instance_eval and class_eval methods, and takes a peek into the depths of the Ruby execution context. Read More ›

20 Jan 2021

Designing a Ruby Serverless Runtime

We take a look at some of the design decisions and trade-offs involved in bringing Ruby support to Google Cloud Functions. Read More ›

06 Nov 2019

Is it time to replace Rake?

We Ruby developers use Rake and Rakefiles for many of our build, test, and deployment scripts. Yet Rake has always felt a bit clumsy, and that shouldn't be a surprise. It was actually not designed for most of what we use it for. Would a different tool work better? Read More ›

01 Jul 2019

Deploying My Blog to Google Cloud Run

I recently moved this blog off of a Kubernetes cluster and onto Cloud Run, Google's new container-based serverless environment. This article explores why serverless might make sense for a Jekyll-based static website like my blog, and walks through how to containerize a static site and deploy it to Cloud Run. Read More ›

13 Nov 2018 · talks

Yes, you should provide a client library for your API! (RubyConf 2018)

On Nov 13, 2018, I spoke on "Yes, you should provide a client library for your API!" at RubyConf in Los Angeles, CA. The talk discussed the benefits of providing client libraries for HTTP-based APIs, and some techniques for writing them. Read More ›

07 Sep 2018 · talks

Docker and OTP: Friends or Foes? (ElixirConf 2018)

On Sept 7, 2018, I spoke on "Docker and OTP: Friends or Foes?" at ElixirConf in Bellevue, WA. The talk discussed ideas for making OTP applications work together with container-based deployments. Read More ›

18 Apr 2018 · talks

Containerizing Rails: Techniques, Pitfalls, and Best Practices (RailsConf 2018)

On April 18, 2018, I spoke on "Containerizing Rails: Techniques, Pitfalls, and Best Practices" at RailsConf in Pittsburgh, PA. The talk discussed best practices for designing Docker containers for Rails applications. Read More ›

17 Nov 2017 · talks

Dispelling the Dark Magic: Inside a Ruby Debugger (RubyConf 2017)

On November 16, 2017, I spoke on "Dispelling the Dark Magic: Inside a Ruby Debugger" at RubyConf in New Orleans, LA. The talk demonstrated how to implement a simple debugger for Ruby applications, and covered some of the techniques used in the implementation of the Stackdriver Debugger for Ruby. Read More ›